MG Production at Longbridge Delayed

Concerns over the quality of the cars being built by Shanghai Automotive (SAIC) at the Birmingham-based Longbridge factory have caused further delays.

The MG TF is due to be the first model launched by the Chinese firm in the UK and production began back in May 2007, but it was stopped not long after.

MG Production at Longbridge Delayed

Since then, NAC (the Chinese firm that bought the MG brand following the collapse of MG Rover) has been bought out by rival Shanghai Automotive and the delays have been further extended.

NAC originally claimed that it would have the MG TF on sale in early 2007 and provide more than 1000 jobs. So far, the car’s launch is more than a year overdue and only 140 jobs have been created.

President of SAIC, Chen Hong, claimed that “if we launch the product on the UK market and don’t have sufficient quality to meet customers’ expectations, we damage the brand. We believe more time is needed to achieve that quality.”

Source: Autocar