MG GS SUV Arrives in Middle East

It’s the Brits, and they are making their way to the Middle East shores with MG’s first SUV, the MG GS. Without a doubt, the MG range had definitely had a strong impact during the Dubai International Motor Show this year, and the much-loved British brand’s current lineup had won many awards too.


Enter MG GS, the very first MG SUV that reflects the brand’s innovative designs and more importantly, the aesthetics of the car was pretty much influenced by various cultural elements and landmarks of British-style and heritage. Also, it comes as no surprise as the GS is the only British compact SUV in the middle-class market segment.

With the exterior bearing a combined mix of sporty elegance and sharp, smooth body lines and swooping flowing shapes, it undeniably represents of very handsome styling that’s done with meticulous engineering. At the heart of this compact SUV, lies a 2.0-litre turbo engine that houses 220 horsepower, and it could also reach from 0 to 100kmh in 8.2 seconds. And it’s arguably the SUV that could topple down many luxury models, since it could bring about a new high-performance driving experience onto SUV customers.

It would be an honour to see how well they will fare in the market, because after all, it’s not always when a Brit car produces something this beautiful.

Source: Gazette Dubai.