720S Dubai on grey gold

Unique Gold on Black Dubai MSO McLaren 720S

A unique McLaren 720S supercar designed by McLaren Operations (MSO) is the centerpiece of the McLaren display at the 2017 Dubai International Motor Show, which takes place November 14 – 18. Created as an MSO Bespoke commission, the service from McLaren Special Operations that allows almost limitless enhancement and personalization of McLaren cars, the 720S is in Zenith Black paint with a satin finish. Gold-coloured alloy wheels, a 24-karat gold engine heat shield, and gold-colored interior components complement the exterior color.

Corporate Business

MG GS SUV Arrives in Middle East

It’s the Brits, and they are making their way to the Middle East shores with MG’s first SUV, the MG GS. Without a doubt, the MG range had definitely had a strong impact during the Dubai International Motor Show this year, and the much-loved British brand’s current lineup had won many awards too. Enter MG GS, the very first MG SUV that reflects the brand’s innovative designs and more importantly, the aesthetics of the car was pretty much influenced by various cultural elements and landmarks of British-style and heritage. Also, it comes as no surprise as the GS is the only British compact SUV in the middle-class market segment.