MG 2009 Starts Today in Breckinridge, Colorado

MG 2009 is an event that all of you British car lovers aren’t going to want to miss. It starts June 24th and runs until June 28th. This is a North America MGB Register’s annual event that is hosted by a different chapter of The MG Car Club each time, so we are very lucky to have this national meet right in our own backyards. This year’s host is The MG Car Club Rocky Mountain Centre.

Now most of the events had to be registered for as part of the club, but there is one that will surely draw attention: The Peak 9 Car Show and Concours. The event will be on Saturday, June 27th in Breckenridge. More details to follow as I get them, so check back soon or check out the MG2009 website here.

Another event that might be of interest is the Gold Rush Rallye on Friday, June 26th. If you have a spare moment you might be able to catch 100 different MG’s competing to win this Time, Speed, Distance Rallye. More details to follow on this event as I get them

Bottom line—If you love MGs and want to catch a glimpse of some here in Colorado, then you should head up to Breckenridge…you never know what you are going to find. I hear there are some rare MGs scheduled to make an appearance.

From: The Examiner