Land Rover Emergency Vehicles

A historic Land Rover Emergency Vehicles by James Mayand nostalgic look at the role of the Land Rover in the emergency services over the last 70 years. Land Rover products have been used by the emergency services almost from the moment the first model left the factory in 1948. The agility and size of these vehicles made them an immediate hit with fire services, where they initially became popular as factory fire tenders. Police forces were also attracted by the cross-country ability and versatility of Land Rovers, especially outside Britain, and, when long-wheelbase models provided extra space, they also became favorites for ambulance conversions.

Some emergency-service conversions required very little adaptation and were carried out in the workshops of the end-users. Others – such as six-wheel Range Rover fire tenders – required major alterations from the factory-standard vehicle. Meanwhile, specialist companies developed dedicated ambulance and fire tender bodywork, creating a fascinating variety of body types.

The vehicles featured in this book illustrate the versatility and adaptability of Land Rovers and their more modern SUV siblings.

This book will interest Land Rover enthusiasts and emergency-vehicle enthusiasts alike, with evocative photographs that illustrate both historic vehicles and more recent vehicles in action.

The author, James Taylor, has now written well over 100 books in all, and among them have been several definitive one-make or one-model titles. He has also written for enthusiast magazines in several countries, has translated books from foreign languages, and even delivers effective writing training in both the public and private sectors. He spent the best part of ten years as the editor of Land Rover Enthusiast magazine and has always counted the products of the old Rover Company and of Land Rover as his favorite subject.

Land Rover Emergency Vehicles by James May

Title: Land Rover Emergency Vehicles
Author: James Taylor
Publisher: Veloce Publishing
Pages: 144 pages / 367 pictures
ISBN: 9781787112445
Price: $50 / £30