Land Rover Celebrates Year of the Dog

With Chinese New Year marking the start of the Year of the Dog today, Land Rover has introduced Land Rover celebrates Year of the Dog with canine friendsits range of pet-friendly accessories designed to make life with canine friends that little bit more straightforward.

Land Rover now caters for the journey to and from the walk with its comprehensive pet packs. The boot can be protected from wet paws and fur with a rubber mat or liner tray, both offering waterproof protection. The mat covers the carpet on the load space floor, while the liner tray has a raised lip on three sites to cover both the floor and side wall carpets.

A full height partition can be easily fitted to not only keep pets safe and comfortable but also prevent muddy paw prints on the passenger seats. The partition also enables owners to separate the load space into two sections.

In addition to the pet pack accessories, the Rear Height Adjust on the Land Rover Discovery is another feature which can make life easier for canine companions. The electronic air suspension lowers or raises the height of the vehicle at the touch of a button, making it easier for smaller or older dogs to climb into the load space.

Land Rover has long associated itself with man’s best friend and recently launched a campaign introducing ‘Landy’ and ‘Rover’. Created following research into the proportion of Land Rover customers who are pet lovers or owners, Landy and Rover have been entertaining fans across social media, showcasing the comprehensive range of accessories available for dogs and transporting them more comfortably and safely.

Barbour and Land Rover have always been a great match when it comes to clothing and accessories; the canine collection is no different. The range features the unique Barbour for Land Rover tartan and includes everything required for a country walk. Made in the UK from real leather, the range features a strong and durable dog lead, leather-lined collar, functional harness and coordinating water-resistant, quilted, wax jacket.

Note: Press release courtesy of Land Rover.



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  1. The Land Rover Labrador kit reminds me that, when in 2009 we were looking at a Jetta Sportwagen for transporting Windsor, our personal Labrador, with the family, we took him to the dealership to make sure the jump up into the cargo bed was OK.

    It was, but the demo was equipped with one of those clever, form-fitting rubber mats such as LR are promoting. Clearly, Windsor found the material thereof uncomfortable for the royal, doggy tush; only when we installed closed-cell foam sheet (covered with a blanket) over the bedliner would he settle down for a ride. Nice try, LR…

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