Just British Discussion Forums Now Open

The new Just British discussion forums are now open and are your place for classified ads, advice seeking, mechanical tips and other British car discussions. Many, many years ago, in a past incarnation of the Just British site, we used to have discussion forums. Ever since we moved over to the new site and new format, folks have been asking us where the forums are and when and if we would bring them back. Well, that time is now.

Just British Discussion Forums

At the moment there are just two main discussion forums – General and Classified. Obviously, the Classified forum is for posting of ads for items for-sale, wanted, or for trade. The General forum is for everything related to British cars that isn’t a classified ad. Pretty simple really.

We have not broken down the General forum into different marques of cars or segmentation.  The discussions on that forum could be a mechanical question, a comment on auction values, a posting of pictures of your ride, a story about a car show, or whatever. We thought that as the forum is new that it is best to let the discussions free flow. As the area gains traffic and postings we can break things down to facility those discussions. When the time comes we make break the area down by marque or by topic. Ever seen those areas where the designers laid down paths but then folk walk their own routes? You end up with unused “official” paths near well-worn usable and used paths. We want to avoid that. We want to watch where the traffic goes and then we will put down the paths. Or forums. Well, you get the idea.

In the Classified forum you can post ads for anything related to British cars. Looking for a manual? Post that. Wanting to sell your carburetor tools? List them. Looking to trade your old Spitfire for a classic Land Rover Defender. Good luck, but post the trade. There are a few rules, which we have lined out at the top of the forum, but basically be honest and above board, label your postings well, and be polite. No need to tell someone they are asking too much for their car or that their trade suggestion is nuts. They will figure that out. Oh, and no business postings or non-car related postings.Visit our new discussion forums!

One important thing to know about the forums is that they are mobile-friendly. We know a lot of folks use their phones or tablets for the majority of internet tasks these days, and just like the Just British new site itself, we wanted the forum interface to work well on mobile devices. We have tested it on a variety of tablets and phones running both iOS and Android, and we think everything works great. But if you have a problem, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we will try to help.

So please, try out the new forums and let us know what you think! Besides, they just may figure prominently in an upcoming contest … hint, hint.


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