Caterham Sales Soar Again in 2017

Caterham has surpassed last year’s record-breaking sales achievement. The news comes as Caterham today (October 16) celebrates the 60th anniversary of the very first Seven being unveiled at the Earls Court Motor Show.

Caterham Seven Sprint (2)

With more than two months to go until the end of 2017, Caterham has already overtaken its record haul of over 600 orders set in 2016. It’s the second year in a row that the iconic British sports car brand has reported its best sales year, a record that had previously not been beaten since 1996.

This year is already another record-breaking one for Caterham and our Seven and we’ve still got a few months to go. For the Seven to reach 60 and to continue to be such a sales success is a huge achievement. So much of this is down to the legendary Colin Chapman and his engineering ethos which still represents the core essence of every Seven that is built today. We continue to prove that the Seven is a timeless classic and that Caterham is a loved and cherished British brand. But we won’t stop here, we will continue to ensure the future of the Seven is bright.
— Graham Macdonald, Caterham’s Chief Executive Officer.

About The Seven

Unlike many automotive greats, the Seven has remained the distinguishable sports car which engineering legend, Colin Chapman, created six decades ago.

Providing an unrivaled, visceral driving experience, the Seven’s perfect balance between power, handling and performance is as desired on the roads around the world today, as it was back in the sixties, with evidence shown in the ever-increasing orders.

With such positive sales in 2017, the iconic British brand has taken time to toast a busy last 12 months building up to the landmark anniversary for its Seven model.

Caterham’s Last 12 Months

Caterham kicked off the celebrations at last year’s Goodwood Revival with the launch of a swinging sixties model, the Caterham Seven Sprint. The limited edition Seven was a retro throwback with an array of stylish yet nostalgic design cues including a wooden-rimmed steering wheel and flared front wings. With just sixty Sprints destined for the UK and Europe, the car rapidly sold out in seven days.

Retro limited edition aside, Caterham took time to honor some of its most iconic Sevens from the last 60 years too. As part of the celebrations, Caterham gathered some of Colin Chapman’s mightiest Sevens in a rare event, as some of the oldest models took to the tarmac once again. Cars assembled included the original Lotus Seven Series 1 from 1957, Caterham Seven VVC (Prisoner Edition car) and the ballistic Caterham Seven Superlight R500, famed for its hair-raising speeds around the Top Gear test track.

Caterham’s motorsport calendar also commemorated the milestone, as Donington Park played host to the Caterham 60th Anniversary Festival.

Championing the Seven’s history and popularity only last month was the Sprint’s sister model, the gentleman’s racer Seven SuperSprint. Having sold out within a near seven hours, the retro racer proved there’s still huge demand and affection for the product, becoming the fastest selling Seven ever.

Lotus Seven Series 1 (2)

Some of the Iconic Seven Models

The original Lotus Seven Series 1 reached a top speed of 78mph and feature a Ford 100E engine and aluminum bodywork. The Series 1 was the ideal, lightweight sports car when it was launched by Colin Chapman in 1957.

Possibly the most iconic car was the Caterham Seven ‘Prisoner Edition’ VVC thanks to its on-screen starring role in the opening sequence of the cult 1960’s TV show, ‘The Prisoner’.

Not forgetting the almighty Caterham Seven CSR 260, tuned by renowned Formula One engine suppliers, Cosworth. At the time, it was the only Seven model to feature in-board front suspension and independent rear suspension, resulting in a 25 percent increase in torsional stiffness and a sublime ride quality.

Yet another Seven with TV credentials is the Caterham Seven Superlight R500 which set pulses racing. Piloted by tame racing driver The Stig in 2008, the absurdly fast Seven shot to fame after completing a lap of the Top Gear track in just 1m 17.9s, embarrassing a plethora of supercars with far heftier price tags and winning Top Gear’s ‘Car of the Year’ in the process.

Note: Press release courtesy of Caterham Cars.