Capital Triumph Register, Britain on the Green 2018 – Event Report

The Capital Triumph Register hosted its 21 st annual British car and motorcycle show, Britain on the Green, at Gunston Hall in Lorton, VA, on April 29, 2018. With over 200 cars registered for the event, the show is one of the larger British car shows, as well as one of the first of the season, in the Washington, DC, area. The featured model this year was the Triumph TR250, celebrating the 50th year since its introduction in 1968.

1954 Allard K2 owned by Robert Morris took Best of Show honors at Britain on the Green event

This year a 1954 Allard K2 owned by Robert Morris took Best of Show honors. In addition to special awards, participants’ choice awards were made in nearly 30 categories.

Hagerty Youth Judging Program at Britain on the Green event

Additionally, the Capital Triumph Register is proud to have hosted the Hagerty Youth Judging Program again this year. In the program sponsored by Hagerty Classic Car Insurance, young people ages 8-14 are coached on how to evaluate classic cars and select their favorites from a limited field of candidate vehicles. This program is a great way to involve youth in the British car hobby.

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A full list of event award recipients follows:

Best of Show (Gunston Bowl): 1954 Allard K2, Robert Morris Best Resto-Mod: 1972 Triumph TR6, Brad and Melanie Hauck Best Display: 1976 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, John Paris Best Survivor: 1980 Triumph TR8, Paul Edelstein *

Hagerty Youth Judging Awards: 1st 1954 Allard K2, Robert Morris; 2nd 1968 TR250, Gary Kinney; 3rd 1967 Jaguar E-Type, Mark Gordon

Capital Triumph Register Golden Piston Award: R.J. Fortwengler *

Triumph TR2 / TR3: 1st 1960 TR3A, Matthew Offen *; 2nd 1961 TR3A, Bill Jordan *

Triumph TR4 / TR4A: 1st 1963 TR4, Ben Pontano *; 2nd 1963 TR4, Christopher Mennone *

Triumph TR250 / TR5: 1st 1968 TR250 Gary Kinney; 2nd 1968 TR250 Jerry Price *

Triumph TR6 (1969-1973): 1st 1972 TR6, Brad and Melanie Hauck; 2nd 1973 TR6 Doug Dallhoff *; 3rd 1969 TR6, Michael Grinnan; Honorable Mention 1973 TR6 Andrew Stuart *

Triumph TR6 (1974-1976): 1st 1975 TR6, Lionel Mitchell *; 2nd 1974 TR6, Michael Aubee; 3rd 1974 TR6, David Williams; Honorable Mention 1975 TR6, Steve Harrison

Triumph TR7: 1st 1980 TR7 Spider Stan Olownia *; 2nd 1980 TR7 Spider, Bruce Hislop *

Triumph TR8: 1st 1980 TR8, Art Fournier *; 2nd 1980 TR8, Tom Burke *

Triumph Spitfire: 1st 1970 Spitfire Mk 3, Doug Walls *; 2nd 1978 Spitfire, Casey Thompson

Triumph GT6: 1st 1970 GT6+, Scott Thomson *; 2nd 1971 GT6, Palmer and Ethan McCloskey

Other Triumph: 1st 1953 Mayflower, David Rutherford; 2nd 1971 Stag, Glenn Minucci *; 3rd 1965 Herald Estate, Stephen and Ho Yong Oertwig *

MG Early: 1st 1949 TC, Stephen Woodwall; 2nd 1955 TF 1500, Bill and Joan Laux; 3rd 1955 ZA Magnette, Victor Rostow

MGA: 1st 1957 MGA, Jim Cheatham; 2nd 1958 MGA, John Casey; 3rd 1958 MGA, Geoff Howard

MGB/C (to 1974): 1st 1964 MGB, Mike Alexander; 2nd 1964 MGB, Joseph Dowley; 3rd 1968 MGB, John Deasey; Honorable Mention 1962 MGB, Bill Hayes

MGB (1974-1⁄2 to 1981): 1st 1979 MGB, Stephen McDowell; 2nd 1980 MGB Limited Edition, Allen Enfield; 3rd 1976 MGB, Seckman Wilson

MGB/C GT: 1st 1973 MGB GT, Joe Mudd; 2nd 1970 MGB Gt, Tom Johnson; 3rd 1967 MGB GT, J. Daniel Howard

Austin Healey Sprite / MG Midget: 1st 1961 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite, Michael Shane; 2nd 1977 MG Midget, James McDowell

Austin Healey 100 / 3000: 1st 1956 100, Tim Flaherty; 2nd 1967 BJ8, Joe and Kathleen Foster *; 3rd 1966 3000 Sebring MX, James Hurd

Jaguar Classic Saloon: 1st 1963 Mk 2, Muffi Grinnell; 2nd 1967 Mark II, Bill Butler and Dan Gilbert Jaguar Modern Saloon: 1st 2009 Vanden Plas, Burt Zwibel; 2nd 2006 X Type, Binyam Gebreyes

Jaguar Sports: 1st 1954 XK120, Jake Kreeger; 2nd 2014 F-Type V8 S, Allen Greenlee; 3rd 2011 XKR 175, Edward Stiley *; Honorable Mention 1994 XJS V-12, Stan Trachtenberg

Jaguar E-Type: 1st 1970 XKE FHC, Sean Cahill *; 2nd 1967 E Type, Mark Gordon

Classic Lotus: 1st 1969 Elan, Mark Whitaker; 2nd 2006 Catterham Seven; 3rd 1967 Elan S3 DHC, Tim and Jenn Glahn

Modern Lotus: 1st 2005 Elise, Shannon Way; 2nd 2005 Elise, Greg Smoak

Classic Mini: 1st 1975 Austin Mini, Larry Atkinson; 2nd 1971 Austin Mini, Karen Bernard

Morgan: 1st 1959 4+4, Tim Kleppinger; 2nd 1964 4+4, Daniel Dowd; 3rd 1964 4, Don Roberts

Rolls Royce / Bentley: 1st 1948 Bentley Mk VI, Don Henderson; 2nd 1964 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III, Erica Thorson; 3rd 1952 Bentley R-Type, John Bays

Special Interest Saloon: 1st 1935 Rover Saloon 10, Ben Swecker; 2nd 1967 Morris Traveller, Grant Randall; 3rd 1966 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller, Alice Shelman; Honorable Mention 1987 Land Rover Defender, Bobby Siers

Special Interest Sports: 1st 1954 Allard K2, Robert Morris; 2nd 1967 Aston Martin DB6, Anthony Connor; 3rd 1972 TVR 2500, Jeffrey Loss

Motorcycles: 1st 1972 Norton Commando, Farrok Fillmore; 2nd 1974 Norton Commando, John Dullahan

* –  Denotes CTR Member

Note: We would like to thank Art Fournier, Newsletter Editor of the Capital Triumph Register for this event report.