Absolute Lotus Magazine for Owners and Enthusiasts

A new magazine, 100 percent dedicated to Lotus, is now available in newsagents. Absolute Lotus aims to share the passion this unique marque generates, with each issue covering new cars, historic cars, motorsport and Lotus people.

Absolute Lotus Magazine

In its 70th anniversary year, Lotus remains true to the philosophy of founder Colin Chapman. With seven decades of innovation both on the road and the race circuit, there is an endless supply of fascinating and entertaining material for the new title. Meanwhile, the marque’s future looks brighter than ever under the ownership of Geely.

In every issue, Absolute Lotus intends to weave together the past, present and future of Lotus. The first edition leads with an Evora twin test, huge Elise S1 group test, memories of Jim Clark from those who knew him and an interview with ’70s wedge designer Oliver Winterbottom. There’s also a guest column from Derek Bell, the most immaculate Esprit S4S you’ll ever see, an Excel buyers’ guide… and more.

Adam Wilkins, director of Performance Publishing, said:

A magazine dedicated to Lotus was the ideal addition to our portfolio. I’m a huge fan of the cars, and we have come up with so many exciting feature ideas that we can’t wait to get stuck into.

Ian Stent, editor of Absolute Lotus, said:

Deciding what does and doesn’t go into Absolute Lotus has been a subject that has got the editorial team more animated than you can possibly imagine. The first issue is, I hope, a good shop window for our future direction.

Ian Stent is working closely with editorial consultant Richard Heseltine. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the title and will help to ensure that each issue contains new information for even the most die-hard Lotus fan.

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