2016 National Austin 7 Rally – Sports & Racers Theme

The 2016 National Austin 7 Rally will be held on Sunday 3rd July in the grounds of the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu. Gates will open at 9am.

This year’s theme will be ‘Austin 7 Sports & Racers’ and there will be a special display of some rare and interesting examples. They will be joined on the rally field by a huge variety of other Austin 7 models and a great selection of trade stands catering for all Austin 7 needs. One of the joys of the marque is the ready availabilty of spare parts, making it one of the easiest and most affordable of pre-war cars to own.

A conversion of a pre-war Austin 7 into a road legal sports car
A typical example of the conversion of a pre-war Austin 7 into a stylish road-legal sports car. The body was produced by S.E. Hambin Ltd in the 1950s and 60s and such a conversion could be done by any reasonably competent Austin 7 owner.

The Austin 7 is one of the most recognisable and well-known of pre-war cars. Generations grew up owning and driving the little ‘Motor for the Millions’. Austin themselves produced sports versions of the 7 and in the 1920s and 30s had a Works team of racers that scored notable victories in handicap races against far larger and more powerful cars.

By the 1950s and 60s enterprising individuals and firms were using Austin 7s as the basis for racing cars and sports specials. For a few tens of pounds it was possible to take a tatty old Austin 7, throw away the saloon body, and fix in its place a sleek fibreglass sports car body sometimes styled to evoke the design of contemporary racing cars.

The National Rally has been held annually at Beaulieu for 53 years and is organised by the 750 Motor Club. The event is open to all Austin 7 owners regardless of whether or not they are 750 club members and entries come from all over the UK and Europe. Austins form the core of the event, but pre-1975 vehicles of all makes are invited to attend and will have a designated parking area on the rally field.

The National Austin 7 Rally is an ideal day out for enthusiasts and for families alike. Beaulieu is home to a wide variety of attractions and the rally entry ticket also gives access to the historic Palace House and Gardens and The National Motor Museum.

For entrants wishing to make a weekend of it camping facilities are available and on the Saturday there is an organized run through the picturesque New Forest followed by the ever-popular evening barbecue on site.

The event is sponsored by Warranty Direct Limited and RH Specialist Insurance. Full details and entry forms will be found on the 750 Motor Club website from early March.