Bertie Fowler with Austin 7 Nippy

Austin 7 Owners to Celebrate 50th Year at Beaulieu Rally

The 54th National Austin 7 Rally takes place at Beaulieu on Sunday 3rd July and holds one of the longest unbroken runs for a one-marque club using the same venue for its annual event. For one enthusiast the event will mark a particularly significant milestone. Bertie Fowler, who bought his first Austin 7 in 1966, will be attending his 50th rally. He purchased the 1936 ‘Nippy’ (one of the relatively few production sports models that Austin made) at the age of 19, negotiating the £90 deal in darkness by the Derby Grandstand at Epsom racecourse. It was, he says, ‘the best buy I ever made’. Years of happy motoring followed, even in the face of what Bertie describes as ‘the usual Nippyisms’ of the doors flying open when negotiating fast corners. The car came off the road in 1976 and […]

A conversion of a pre-war Austin 7 into a road legal sports car

2016 National Austin 7 Rally – Sports & Racers Theme

The 2016 National Austin 7 Rally will be held on Sunday 3rd July in the grounds of the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu. Gates will open at 9am. This year’s theme will be ‘Austin 7 Sports & Racers’ and there will be a special display of some rare and interesting examples. They will be joined on the rally field by a huge variety of other Austin 7 models and a great selection of trade stands catering for all Austin 7 needs. One of the joys of the marque is the ready availabilty of spare parts, making it one of the easiest and most affordable of pre-war cars to own. The Austin 7 is one of the most recognisable and well-known of pre-war cars. Generations grew up owning and driving the little ‘Motor for the Millions’. Austin themselves produced sports versions […]

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Austin 7 Cousins Come For Family Reunion

‘Well, I have never seen one of those!’ was possibly the most-repeated phrase heard at the 53rd National Austin 7 Rally held at Beaulieu on 5th July. With a theme of ‘Austin 7s and their Cousins’ the event attracted a unique collection of vehicles that came from as far away as France and Germany to join in this most popular of annual events. Alongside dozens of the more familiar home-produced Austins were rarities from BMW Dixi, Rosengart and Holden – all owing their heritage to the genius of Sir Herbert Austin and his designers who produced the first Austin 7 model in 1922. The car went on to become ‘the motor for the millions’ and nowadays is one of the best-loved of pre-war classics.