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VotW – Allegories In The Garage

For our video this week we have the second installment in Michael Austin’s “Allegories In The Garage” series. I first stumbled on Michael and his videos via the forums over on The MG Experience. If you haven’t hit that site, and are a fan of MGs, you owe it to yourself to do so. The video itself is a wonderful exploration of relevance and why we might chose to drive an MGB in this modern world. What can an old car, of antiquated design, without computers, without GPS, with a need for personal maintenance, provide for us in this day and age of automation and hands-off motoring? To quote Michael on this, “This is a very personal and unusual series that I have decided to do. It is a reflection on life as viewed through the projects in my garage. […]

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MG Working On A New Roadster

MG is working on a new two-seater, according to Auto Express, one which will pick up where the MG TF left off just a few years ago. The MG brand has been slowly rebuilding following the Rover Group’s financial calamities a decade ago and a subsequent buyout by Nanjing Automobile, which was later absorbed into Shanghai’s SAIC, and the company is planning to return to its roots by offering a roadster in the future. Auto Express, citing an insider, reports that MG is currently working on two new vehicle architectures, one of which is aimed at accommodating a roadster bodystyle. Both new platforms, which are still in the works, are designed to offer as much flexibility as Volkswagen’s lauded MQB platform, which is currently underpinning a wide variety of small cars including the new Golf. The two new platforms are […]