MG Working On A New Roadster

MG is working on a new two-seater, according to Auto Express, one which will pick up where the MG TF left off just a few years ago. The MG brand has been slowly rebuilding following the Rover Group’s financial calamities a decade ago and a subsequent buyout by Nanjing Automobile, which was later absorbed into Shanghai’s SAIC, and the company is planning to return to its roots by offering a roadster in the future.

MG TF Roadster

Auto Express, citing an insider, reports that MG is currently working on two new vehicle architectures, one of which is aimed at accommodating a roadster bodystyle. Both new platforms, which are still in the works, are designed to offer as much flexibility as Volkswagen’s lauded MQB platform, which is currently underpinning a wide variety of small cars including the new Golf. The two new platforms are expected to allow MG to introduce four new models by 2020 in a number of markets.

Of course whenever news of new MGs comes around, rumors of a return to the US rear their heads as well. The same is true this time, but in reality no one knows. Most automakers, SAIC / MG included, have expressed interest in the US market, but the dealer network issues and safety regulations impose huge barriers.