VotW – The Skyline Soiree with the New England MG T Register

Our Video of the Week (VotW) this time go round comes from Steve Wincze of the Connecticut MG Club and the upcoming British by the Sea car show. You may also remember Steve as the winner of last month’s puzzle contest. The video in question is of the Skyline Soiree from 1993. This event was put on by the New England MG T Register.

The Skyline Soiree was A scenic road trip through the mountains of the Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway in mostly open 2-seater MGs. What we have here is 12 minutes of highlights from a 60 minute DVD. One of four great MG Road Trips sponsored by the New England MG-T Register. On this drive, and in this video, you get to experience the mountain vistas and natural beauty of two national parks and 574 miles of great parkway driving.

To quote Steve:

By the way, our car is the one with the “smiley face” drawn in the snow on the rear window! At 7.06 into the clip, that’s me sitting on the railing taking to Hank Rippert. It was one of the best trips ever!! That is the trip where we changed the head gasket on a supercharged TF in a dirt parking lot on the side of the road,,,,, in the rain!!!

And summed up in one quote is the reason I chose this video and the reason many of us are in this hobby. You see in Steve’s statement and in the video the friendship and camaraderie these cars can bring us while we enjoy them. There may be some hardships, but those hardships are lightened by the sharing and even laughed at later. It simply doesn’t get any better than that. Well, unless you get to experience it all along my favorite road – The Blue Ridge Parkway.

MG Magazine - Super Southern Sojourn and Skyline Soiree

And yes, that is Steve with the fantastic hair in the picture on the magazine cover above. Thanks Steve!

Michael Carnell
Editor at Just British

Michael Carnell is the editor and founder of the Just British Online Motoring Magazine. As a lifelong British car enthusiast, he has owned or driven British cars of all ages from Austins and MGs to Jaguars and Triumphs. He currently owns a 1966 Vanden Plas Princess 1100 and a 1977 MGB. But there is always room for more - no matter what his wife says.