VotW – Magic Carpet – MG 1100

Our Video of the Week (VotW) this go round comes by way of the British Motor Corporation of 1962. It is entitled “Magic Carpet” and is a nice period marketing piece for the MG 1100.VotW - Magic Carpet - MG 1100

The BMC family of 1100 and 1300 sedans were the big brothers to the Mini. Designated AD016, they were badge engineered as Austin, MG, Riley, and Morris to name a few. They were enjoyable little people movers and were the top selling, or one of the top selling cars, in Britain for many years. Although they never reached that same level of popularity here in the US, there did used to be quite a number of them around.

Long ago I had  a website devoted to the MG 1100, and although I haven’t updated it in a long time you can still find it at http://justbritish.com/mg1100. Additionally, and more importantly, there are great support groups for 1100 fans in the form of the official 1100 Club out of England and the BMC 1100 Google discussion group that has members from all over the world.

In fact, thanks to the John Elwood of that BMC 1100 group for pointing out this video!

MG 1100 Postcard

Michael Carnell
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