VotW – Landy by Veronica Lamond

Our Video of the Week this time around is, as the Monty Python phrase goes, something completely different. The video is of Veronica Lamond’s book “Landy” read aloud. This is the first volume in the Landy Books Trilogy – introducing ‘Landy’ and his friends. A charming story for young children who love animals and the great outdoors. Parents and grandparents love reading it too.

The Landybook series engage children in diverse, real-life activities through the lovable, animated characters of Landy (1956 Series 1) and Fender (1999 Defender). This Landy story, tells of Jack finding Landy abandoned at the bottom of a field and they then start their new life together. This Land Rover book is perfect for children aged 1 right through to 99. A classic traditional kids book you will all fall in love with.

Veronica set out to create inspirational and practical picture books for young children:

Wherever I went, I noticed Land Rovers at work. Capturing this sense of activity and adventure, I began to weave a world around two old working Land Rovers in my neighbourhood. The stories are based on Landy and Fender and their energetic young owners, Jack and Dan.

Landy the Land Rover by Veronica Lamond

You can buy a signed book direct from the author, Veronica Lamond at her site – https://veronicalamond.com/landybooks/.

If you don’t need the books signed, you can buy the books (there are seven in the series) from Amazon.

Honestly, give this series a look. Get the youngsters started the right way!

Fender by Veronica Lamond
Fender by Veronica Lamond