VotW – Classic British Cars Part 1

VotW - Classic British CarsOK, so we have had Jaguar and MG and Triumph and Healey and Aston Martin and even Sunbeam. Oh wait, Morgan and Morris and Rover too.So this week we are going to do a more general video. This week we are going to turn our attention to our general love – Classic British Cars.

This video is part one of a multi-part series that covers the full range of British cars, from the sports car to the touring saloon. There are many classics in this video that you just don’t see anymore – for better or worse. Some of these cars have gone on to become valuable collector’s items, while some of them have disappeared into obscurity.  How I would love to see a full range of these at a British car show. Not that I don’t love row upon row of MGBs, hey – I have one myself, but it would be wonderful to see, hear, and even smell some of the more esoteric classics.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy Part One of British Classic Cars. Then, just continue on to YouTube to see the other videos in the series. And be sure to drop us a note with a link if there is a video you think we should feature in the coming weeks.