Triumph Bullet Relay Run 2021 with Special Baton

We had a video from John Clancy last week featuring the recent British Leyland / BMC Day at Gaydon, and now John has sent us notice of another event of particular interest to Triumph fans. Honestly, this has left us with dreams of BMW producing a Triumph Wasp. Anyway …

Wasp concept from John Ashford for Triumph Drivers Club Bullet Relay
Triumph Wasp concept as designed by John Ashford

This October marks forty years since the last Triumph sports car was built.  The TR Drivers Club (TRDC) is marking this anniversary with a relay run across the whole of Britain that will involve all the area groups within the club and will conclude with a mass gathering at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon on Sunday 3rd October.

The TRDC felt that something a little different would be required for this rally and so the baton that will be passed between the area groups across the country we approached former Triumph stylist John Ashford to create something unique, special, and also possibly a little historic.  The result is a style for a new Triumph sports car, code-named “Wasp”, for the modern era that BMW, the present guardians of the Triumph marque, would be able to use for inspiration or production.

Triumph Drivers Club Bullet Relay Baton Pass 001
Passing the baton

All previous efforts for a new Triumph style have been completely unrelated to Triumph but John Ashford was there and responsible for some of the most famous Triumphs of the past: the MkIV Spitfire, the GT6 MkIII, some elements of the TR7, and the complete style for the Lynx, the single surviving example of which is on display at Gaydon.

The Bullet Relay Run will commence on Saturday, 10th July from Inverness in Scotland and will travel the nation before concluding at Gaydon on Sunday, 3rd October.  John Ashford will be a special guest on the day along with a few other former Triumph luminaries.  This should be a special day and so we are not restricting it solely to members of the TR Drivers Club and are therefore inviting anyone interested in Triumph cars or the British motor industry in general to come along on the day.

Triumph Drivers Club Bullet Relay Baton Pass 004A

For further information, check out the Bullet Run info on the TRDC website or contact John  Clancy with the TR Drivers Club. You can reach him by email at [email protected].