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Corporate Business

Bentley Motors a Top Employer

Bentley Motors was named as the Top Employer in Britain for the year 2012. The company with headquarters in Crewe, Cheshire offers their 4000 employees with exceptional working conditions as stated in the report submitted by CRF Institute. The company is reputed for creating a conducive working atmosphere for their staff while staff in return upholds company values and gives their best to the company. Bentley offers their employees special promotions of engineering careers and award winning graduate and apprenticeship programs. The company sold 7003 cars in 2011 resulting in a 37% increase in sales. New models were launched and the company and their employees worked wholeheartedly throughout the year. Member of the Board for Personnel, Christine Gaskell MBE said, “Everyone who works at Bentley is proud of the brand. We work hard to ensure the commitment to excellence seen […]

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New Cars

The Verdict: Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé

Rolls-Royces weren’t always the best cars in the world, even when they were assumed to be. Some even challenge the claim to that title of the Edwardian Silver Ghost, the progenitor of the legend. Car magazine shoved the flying lady off her pedestal 40 years ago, when the Silver Shadow was judged inferior to a Mercedes-Benz. By the time BMW established the “new” Rolls-Royce operation in Goodwood, the Rolls-Royce brand had become tarnished. The cars were as finely crafted as ever, but were behind technologically. The Rolls-Royce had become an anachronism.Well, BMW has been restoring the brand’s corporate fortunes. The original (2003) Phantom line of limousines was enriched by longer-wheelbase, armoured and bespoke variations – and now those ships of state are joined by the more playful Phantom Drophead Coupé, the most fun Rolls-Royce since Lady Penelope’s. Rolls-Royce may or […]