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Spectacular Seven Aston Martins to Grace London Classic

Aston Martin enthusiasts are in for a treat this Thursday, when West London official Heritage Specialists Nicholas Mee & Co. reveal their line-up of cars at the London Classic Car Show, the innovative ‘must-do’ event held at ExCel, London, from 18 to 21 February. Once again placed in its prominent, ‘pole’ position close to the main entrance, the company’s impressive stand will showcase a selection of carefully chosen Aston Martins, the Spectacular Seven. The Spectacular Seven include …

Aston Martin Engine Development by Arthur Wilson Featured
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Aston Martin Engine Development – Book Review

Arthur George Wilson joined Aston Martin in the early part of 1959. In a career spanning over 40 years, he took up the post of AML Head of Engines in 1984 where he stayed until his retirement in 2000. He developed the 580X Vantage Aston Martin engine, the 32 valve engine and designed and developed the twin supercharged 32 valve Vantage engine, and the engine for the normally aspirated V8 Coupe. Wilson has written Aston Martin Engine Development which will be a must-have for all Aston Martin owners. Reading this book is roughly akin to being told a story by a new friend while poking around in the garage. You know what happens, you are looking at cars and maybe diagnosing a fault as you talk about dogs or the weather or how you came to acquire this car, when all of […]