Vintage Racing with a Ribcase Transmission - Wide

Ribcase Transmission in Vintage Racing

Vintage racing isn’t just a hobby, it is a passion. And an art. We are quite pleased to have a guest article by Don Racine of Mini Mania about using the ribcase transmission from the ubiquitous “Spridget” in the vintage racing application. The most conventional gears in the everyday manual transmission are helical cut. The single biggest advantage of this design is the reduction of noise that is inherent in the more efficient, easy to manufacture straight cut gears. The helical patterns allow for a much less violent meshing of the gears. But, the decreased noise comes with a few penalties. The first of which is sideload – because the gears are helical, some of the thrust is lost in the rotational direction and thus must be controlled with a thrust surface. The thrust surface most often used is called thrust […]

JD Classics In-House 5-Speed Synchromesh Gearbox for Classic Jags 2

JD Classics In-House 5-Speed Synchromesh Gearbox for Classic Jags

JD Classics – one of the world’s leading classic car racing and restoration businesses –  has launched its very own five-speed all-synchromesh gearbox for classic Jaguars. Designed by a team of JD Classics’ expert technicians and a well-respected motorsport engineering company, the gearbox is available to order now. Engineered with synchromesh on all ratios, helical cut gears and a reinforced aluminium cast casing, it is capable of handling up to 400hp and 350 ft/lb of torque.

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VotW – What’s The Differential

Our video this week takes a different turn, literally. And we are making that turn easily without a dragging or skipping wheel. This is achieved through the use of a differential. How does that work you ask? Well, that is the subject of our Video of the Week. “Around the Corner: How Differential Steering Works” is a short film from 1937 that explains the basics of how the differential in your rear, or perhaps even front, axle functions. By understanding the basic components that go into our cars we can become not only better drivers, but we can become better custodians of our treasures. If we know the principles of what is going on with the cars, we can feel problems before the get out of control and also understand what is necessary for repairs, even if we don’t do […]