VotW - Wheeler Dealers 1980 Triumph Spitfire

VotW – Wheeler Dealers 1980 Triumph Spitfire

Our video this week comes from the popular British television show Wheeler Dealers. Even though one of the main guys on the show has recently been replaced, the episode we are looking at is before that. Back when Edd China was still on. But he is not the focus of the video, a 1980 Triumph Spitfire is. In case you don’t know, Wheel Dealers features two presenters (in this case Edd China and Mike Brewer) on a mission to save old and repairable enthusiast vehicles, by repairing or otherwise improving an example of a particular make and model to a budget, then selling it to a new owner. Basically, we are talking flipping cars instead of houses. Along the way, you learn the finer and not so fine points of these cars and have fun watching other folk muck about in […]

Triumph Spitfire Trunk Support - Fully Installed
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Pneumatic Trunk Lid Support for Triumph Spitfire

Whether you know it or not, you very possibly already have a part produced by Clark & Clark Specialty Products on your car. I met Robert Clark at the recent BMTA conference, and he explained to me that their parts for a variety of marques and ranging from seat belt retainers and battery boxes to hood lifts and carburetor caps are sold by mass-market vendors including Moss, Victoria British, and The Roadster Factory. After discussing the ins and outs of engineering, development, and production, we then got down to the real business of the parts he produces. One of the newest items in their line was of particular interest to me – a replacement for the telescoping trunk support used by my Triumph Spitfire 1500. The original type supports are quite common on all types of MGs and Triumphs, and while […]

What it means to own an MGB or TRIUMPH SPITFIRE
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VotW – Owning a Triumph Spitfire or MGB

Our video this week is a quick, very quick, look at what it means to own a Triumph Spitfire or MGB. Both of the people and cars in this video are unique, but even with the choices and differences, they hit upon some of the common threads of classic British sportscar ownership. I will admit to finding this video interesting partially for the reason that I have both an MGB and a Spitfire in the stable at the moment. The Spitfire is my daily driver and the MGB is undergoing a very slow version of a restoration. In a short period of time, with either car, you become intimately familiar with their quirks, charm, and personalities. And yes, unlike a lot of modern cars, the little roadsters have a ton of personality and no two – even of same year […]

Triumph Spitfire Door Handle Mechanism
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Triumph Spitfire Door Handle Mechanicals

Welcome to our new post category – “Road Ink“. The first of this new category is a short video on the innards of a Triumph Spitfire door mechanism. These mechanics are notorious for going out of alignment and even breaking. When this happens, you can no long open the car’s door from the outside. Quite frustrating, trust me! What is even more frustrating is that the fairly simple repair parts are not available for purchase. You either get to fork out over $200 for a complete unit, or attempt for use used or alternative parts. This latter choice is what those of us not made of money would prefer to do, but since this unit was always viewed as a single item by Triumph and BL, documentation is scarce. Hence this video. I just want to take a few moments […]

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Vintage Triumph Register National Convention

For four mid-summer days, from Tuesday, August 11, 2015, through Saturday morning, August 15, 2015, the 2015 Vintage Triumph Register National Convention will take place on the shores of beautiful Geneva Lake in scenic southeast Wisconsin. The event will be hosted by the Illinois Sports Owners Association, which is committed to providing each registrant with a wonderful experience at the convention by offering first-rate social activities such as a welcome reception, pub crawl/scavenger hunt, optional excursion boat ride on Geneva Lake, and awards banquet with remarks from guest of honor, famed Triumph race team manager Kas Kastner. In addition, there will also be numerous driving events, including a fun-khana, a gimmick rally, an ice cream run, a breakfast tour, an autocross and a self-guided tour along scenic Wisconsin rustic, country roads. There will also be technical clinics, an auction, a tour […]

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VotW – Standard Triumph Factory in the Sixties

For the video this week we are going to turn back the clock a bit. Well, a lot. Heck, we are actually having to throw the entire calendar into the way-back machine. We might even have to throw in a bit of Doctor Who‘s timey-wimey travel. Our video this week is of the Standard Triumph factory at Canley in Coventry back in 1965. Think of the Triumph Herald and the Spitfire. For an interesting aerial overview of the Canley factory, take a look at the Canley Triumph Works page over at the Triumph Herald Archive.

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Triumphs Gather in California

Each year, five big West Coast Triumph clubs get together to hold a major event they call Triumphest. And every year, the Vintage Triumph Register holds its national meet, called the North American Triumph Challenge. This year, the two events will join together in San Luis Obispo, California, for one giant weekend of Triumph fun, from September 30 through October 4. Called Triumphest 2009, the event has all the makings of the largest gathering ever of Triumphs in North America. The event has everything you would expect, and some things you might not. Of course there’s a concours, with every variety of sporting Triumph, as well as an autocross, a funkhana, tech sessions, a time-speed-distance rally and a rally that’s just for fun. There’s also a Le Mans start contest, a “walking rally” through lovely San Luis Obispo, dinner cruises […]

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Triumph Spitfire for Restoration

Just noticed on Craigslist this morning that there is a 1974 Triumph Spitfire being offered for a good price. I know nothing about this car and have no interest in its sale, so please use the contact info in the ad! The ad says the car is in Charleston, SC, but I have no idea where that phone number goes…. This car is a great fixxer upper. Needs paint and body work has 95% of the parts this is a steal at 800.00 If interested call 1-423-277-9273. Needs some mechanic work. Basically needs to be put together.

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The Triumph Spitfire

The Chicago Sun-Times Auto section recently published an interesting article on the beloved Triumph Spitfire. The Spitfire is a great care that seems to be fading farther and farther from view. The Sun-Times article begins, “The plucky Triumph Spitfire sports car was cheap, fun and wore a body from Italian master stylist Giovanni Michelotti. It met growing demand for smaller, lower-priced sports cars from those who couldn’t afford larger, costlier ones, such as the Austin-Healey or even the Triumph TR4. It arrived in 1962 and lasted with updates through 1980 — an especially long run.” “The Spitfire got its name from a famous World War II British fighter plane. It initially cost less than $2,200 mostly because it was derived from the small Triumph Herald family car. It was developed shortly before England’s financially troubled Standard-Triumph was bought by England’s […]