Royale Racing at Walter Mitty Challenge

VotW – Royale Racing at the Walter Mitty Challenge

And now for something completely different … our video this week was only filmed a little over a week ago. What we have here is footage from the Walter Mitty Challenge by Classic Motorsports, April 23rd, 2016. Take ia ride in a Royale RP-4 with pro driver Elliot Forbes Robinson, around Road Atlanta’s 2.54 mile, 12 turn track. The onboard camera was mounted on the Royale RP-4 owned by our friend Gordon King. This footage is from the Group 3 Feature Race. The black and red RP-4 is Cliff Berry of Team Mean and the blue Lotus 23b is piloted by Doc Bundy of Team Regogo. Great driving by all.   This on Royale and the car from Gordon … Royale was a small race car builder in the 1960’s in England. Owned by Bill King. He built very successful Formula Fords […]