Building Cars Live - BBC Documentary
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Building Cars Live – BBC Documentary

Contrary to what some people may think or say – the British car manufacturing industry is in pretty good shape. Every 20 seconds, a brand new vehicle rolls off the production line somewhere in Britain. Last year, Britain built more cars than France, and one single plant, Nissan Sunderland, made more cars than the whole of the Italian car industry put together. Meanwhile, seven out of 10 Formula 1 teams are based in Britain, including Red Bull, McLaren, Mercedes, Lotus, Williams, Force India and Manor (Marussia). And the UK doesn’t just make cars, they also build engines – one in three Fords sold globally in 2014 had their engine built in either Bridgend or Dagenham. Building Cars Live is a new two-part documentary that takes viewers into the fascinating world of the car manufacturing industry, with presenters James May, Kate […]

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Top Gear Coming to Amazon Prime

OK, so they can be rude, crude, and insulting. And yes, well, the leader of the pack is a bit of jerk sometimes. But we love them. Jeremy Clarkson, James May (my personal hero), and Richard Hammond are not only irreverent and funny, but they are extremely knowledgeable about cars. And entertaining. Did I mention entertaining? Ever since the BBC fired Jeremy Clarkson for being a complete and uncivilized jerk, no argument there, the future of Top Gear has been in question. Would the show come back? How could it come back without its stars since both Hammond and May refused to work without Clarkson. And if it did come back, would it be a bust like the American version? Well, Amazon has answered the question. It was announced today that Clarkson, Hammon and May will be coming exclusively to […]