Christopher John LTD Announces New Morgan Dealership
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Christopher John LTD Announces Morgan Dealership In Florida

Christopher John LTD is pleased to announce the opening of their Morgan dealership in Holly Hill, Florida.  Located on U.S. 1, just two miles north of International Speedway Boulevard in the heart of Daytona Beach.  Convenient from Orlando or Jacksonville and even the west coast of Florida or from Georgia, Christopher John LTD is excited to be part of the Morgan world and bringing these beautiful cars to this part of Florida. Christopher John LTD is a name born from father and son a lifetime of sports car interests, racing and youthful enthusiasm, the utmost professionalism and a whole lot of fun. Vintage racing and English sports cars have been Christopher Silvestri’s passion for more years than he can remember. From childhood in the back of his father’s Sunbeam, Alfa or Rover he knew he was part of something special. […]