Rolls-Royce Announces New ... Parking Lot
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Rolls-Royce is Building a New … Parking Lot

This is a serious project, and it is for a good cause, but it still might strike some (ok, us) as funny. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has announced that construction of a major development for the company is now underway. The district’s largest employer is building a new gated parking area on land adjacent to the manufacturing plant and head office, creating an additional 500 parking spaces. The development includes a dedicated car park for The March CE Primary School, located close to the entrance of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, including a ‘kiss and drop-off area’ and 40 parking spaces. The school car park incorporates a new road crossing, also funded by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in the absence of local authority funding. The development has received overwhelming support from local residents, Chichester District Council and Chichester MP, Gillian Keegan.

Aston Martin in St Athan - Work begins on conversion of Super Hangars (3)
Aston Martin

Work begins on Aston Martin Super Hangars in St Athan

Aston Martin has announced local firm TRJ Ltd as the selected construction partner for ‘Phase 2’ of the conversion contract at the St Athan manufacturing facility. Work is already underway at St Athan and will focus on turning the three ‘Super Hangars’ into an Aston Martin manufacturing facility. This contract was formally advertised through the Welsh Government’s Sell 2 Wales site, receiving significant interest from firms across the UK.  But it was the local Ammanford based TRJ who were ultimately successful, following on from their award of Phase 1 in December 2016.