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New Hethel Lotus Manufacturing Facility Officially Open

Lotus has officially opened its new sports car manufacturing facility at Hethel, naming it in honor of the company’s founder and inspiration. The Chapman Production Centre is a world-class center of excellence that is already building the Emira, the last petrol-powered car from Lotus and the best of breed. […]

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Classic Cars

Help Locate First Lotus – Lotus Mk 1

Calling on enthusiasts, collectors and car hunters worldwide, Lotus needs your help in tracking down the long-lost Lotus Mark I, the first car built by company founder Colin Chapman. As the British marque continues its 70th celebrations, it wants fans from around the world to pick up the trail of the most elusive Lotus ever – the competition car that the young engineer hand-built in a small London garage owned by his then girlfriend’s parents. Overcoming the standard car’s limitation Chapman applied innovative approaches to improve its performance in challenging trials competitions.

Chapman Once Again Behind the Wheel of a Lotus

Chapman Once Again Behind the Wheel of a Lotus

In an anniversary year, Jean-Marc Gales, CEO, Group Lotus has personally delivered the keys to one of Lotus’ most advanced cars to Clive Chapman, son of Lotus founder Colin Chapman. The stunning new Evora GT410 Sport in Empire Green will travel the UK and Europe with Clive, Director of Classic Team Lotus. Preserving and promoting the history of the famous motorsport team, Clive and the squad run historic Lotus race cars that appear at international motoring events and meets around the world.

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Caterham Launches 275-HP Supercharged Seven

British sports-car outfit Caterham is launching both a new Seven race car with a forced-induction engine, and a one-make racing series in which the car can compete next year. The Caterham R600 racer offers 275 hp in the company’s familiar lightweight, stripped-out Seven chassis. The engine in question is a supercharged 2.0-liter Ford inline-four, rated for 275 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed sequential transmission sends power to the rear wheels by way of a limited-slip differential. The company claims the R600 will be much faster and “more aggressive” than existing Caterham models, but promises that “the linear power delivery of the supercharged engine makes it superbly drivable.” Make sure to check out the full story at Automobile Magazine.