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Glamping in Great Britain

You may be constantly looking for different holiday experiences but has glamping ever been on your vacation radar? If the answer is no, the folks at the National Caravan Council (NCC) think it should be. Glamping, or glamourous camping, is not only trendy according to the NCC, it lets you enjoy the great outdoors in style. There are many types of accommodation for glampers, whether it’s a wacky wigwam, a dome with an astronomical view or a beautiful bell tent; there is something for everyone. Hideaway Haven

MG6 S DTI-TECH, Under £17,500 Class Winner, Towcar Awards 2016
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MG6 Named Class Winner by Caravan Club

Thursday, 24 September, the MG6 S scooped the ‘Under £17,500’ class winner award at the Caravan Club Towcar of the Year event. During rigorous testing, that took place in July at the Millbrook Proving Ground, the MG6 wowed judges and was named winner of its class. Judges comments were: “This keenly-priced, front wheel drive MG surprised a few judges with its ‘more-than-capable’ towing performance around the challenging Millbrook course. It boasts a generous 100kg noseweight limit and impressive boot space. The hill start was very good for a front wheel drive car.” For this year’s competition, which is in its 33rd year, 43 cars were split into seven price classes and two weight categories. The classes were vehicles priced: under £17,500; £17,500 – £22,000; £22,000 – £26,000; £26,000 – £30,000; £30,000 – £40,000; and over £50,000.