From granny’s shopper to fire-breathing classic racer – the British Motor Heritage Austin A40 - BMH British Motor Heritage Austin A4
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BMH Combining Classic Motorsport with University Training

For the last 10 years, British Motor Heritage (BMH) MD, John Yea, has ably campaigned an FIA-compliant MGB in a variety of classic motorsport formulae. What’s particularly noteworthy about the car is that it was created around one of BMH’s authentic replacement bodyshells and that its build team included an undergraduate student from Oxford Brookes University.

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Austin A40 Countryman 1966

I know nothing about this car, have no stake in its sale, and can do no more than to point you towards the advertisement. But, I just think this Austin A40 is very, very cool. See more of this Austin A40 Countryman for sale at