MotorPunk’s Albert Ball Memorial Blat – A Morgan 3 Wheeler Road Trip

This past summer,  MotorPunk organised a fitting tribute to WWI fighter ace and Morgan fanatic, Captain Albert Ball, with a 13 car fly-past on the 99th anniversary of his tragic death.

Whilst lacking the creature comfort of a traditional Grand Tourer, the Morgan Three Wheeler is a marvelous machine to look at, and an absolute hoot to drive. You just have to pack light!

MotorPunk on Captain Albert Ball …

On May 7th, 1917, Captain Albert Ball met his end following a dogfight with Lothar von Richthofen, brother of the famous Red Baron. An unlikely hero, Captain Ball was a modest man from Nottingham who rose to become one of Britain’s finest fighter aces. He was also one of the very first customers for Morgan’s Three Wheeler, a car he described as being “the closest thing to flying, without leaving the ground“.

We thought it would be a fitting tribute to visit France to show our respects to Captain Ball on the 99th anniversary of his death. Exclusively in Morgan Three Wheelers, of course. This is not an organised holiday, not a rally, race or competitive event. It’s a gathering of as many Morgan Three Wheelers as we can muster and an enjoyable day’s blat across some lovely French countryside.

Note: Press release courtesy Morgan Motors and MotorPunk