JLR and ClimateCare Announce Kenya Partnership

Jaguar Land Rover and ClimateCare today announce a partnership to bring clean solar technology to off-grid communities in Kenya. This innovative social impact program, called ’Lighting up Lives’ supports children like 14-year old Franklin Kishsta, a pupil at Kasooni School, Kalawa, Kenya. Franklin is just one of more than one million people living in isolated or off-grid communities who will benefit from the program. “I finish all of my homework now” said the boy who dreams of becoming an engineer one day, “before I could not do it at home when it was dark. I know my parents are much happier now, and so am I.

JLR and ClimateCare Announce Kenya Partnership - Night Time Sun

Using kerosene light creates hazardous indoor pollutants, one of the biggest causes of premature death in Africa. Jaguar Land Rover believes that renewable solar technology offers an affordable alternative. Education improves as children like Franklin can study, read and stay up to play after dark. Women enjoy greater opportunities to work and learn. Living conditions in homes are healthier and safer, and incomes improve.

This exciting new venture is exactly the type of programme that Jaguar Land Rover wants to lead on in the future. Using technology for good and supporting the power of engineering to improve lives and help to build a cleaner future. Our purpose is to make responsible business relevant to everyone. By sharing our skills, our technology, our people and our passions we can make a difference to people’s lives and prosperity.
— Helen McLintock – Director, Jaguar Land Rover

We are focused on helping corporates take responsibility for solving key global challenges – through the delivery of integrated sustainability programmes with robust and measurable outcomes that benefit the world’s poorest communities, and deliver against the UN’s Global Goals. We believe businesses have a vital role to play in supporting the Global Goals and Jaguar Land Rover is an excellent example of the contribution corporates can make.
— Edward Hanrahan – ClimateCare CEO

Lighting up Lives is particularly relevant to Jaguar Land Rover’s own operations and commitment to a zero emissions future. It recently announced a move to 100% renewable electricity for its UK facilities and has installed the UK’s largest rooftop solar array at its Engine Manufacturing Centre in the West Midlands. It fits with an ambition to drive sustainable, innovative growth not just for the business but for communities around the world including Kalawa, Kenya.

The Storytelling Nook

At this year’s Hay Festival, Jaguar Land Rover has created the Storytelling Nook – a unique storytelling venue where the company and ClimateCare are running daily immersive sessions for children to learn about Lighting up Lives including video, sound and storytelling from Kenya to show the transformative impact of solar power in rural communities.

JLR and ClimateCare Announce Kenyan Partnership- hay story telling nook 212

Guest storytellers will include:

  • Veronica Lamond, author of illustrated children’s stories about Landy and Fender the lovable Land Rovers
  • Aunty Kiko, award-winning playwright and Kenyan children’s author
  • Celebrated British polar explorer Ben Saunders who will talk about the importance of solar in his 2013-14 expedition and share a reading of his upcoming Ladybird book, Shackleton

Three ‘Science of Solar’ sessions will also be held on Wednesday 31 May. Aimed at children aged eight to 14 the sessions have been designed in collaboration with solar expert Chris Jardine from Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute.

Lighting up Lives: Solar Technology Program in Kenya
When: Every day, Saturday 27 May – Saturday 3 June 2017 at 10am
Ben Saunders Storytelling – Saturday 27 May 4pm
Lighting up Lives: Science of Solar Workshop
When: Wednesday 31 May, 2017 at 11.30am, 1pm, 2.30pm

Veronica Lamond

Night Time Sun

As a visual celebration of the sun for Hay Festival goers, Jaguar Land Rover has commissioned a unique art installation illustrating the power of the sun to transform lives. ‘Night Time Sun’ is an ambitious installation designed to cast its light over festival-goers as the sun sets each night.

Night Time Sun
Note: Press release courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover.