Jaguar XF and XE R-Dynamic Black: Enhanced Design and Connectivity

The appeal of the award-winning Jaguar XF Saloon and Sportbrake is heightened further with the introduction of new R-Dynamic Black models, while the Jaguar XE R-Dynamic Black gains an enhanced specification.

Jag XE & XF 22MY 01 R-Dynamic HSE Front 3-4 250821
Jag XE & XF 22MY 01 R-Dynamic HSE Front 3/4 view

Developed from the XE and XF R-Dynamic S, these exclusive models benefit from a number of key features designed to give them an even more confident, assured, and purposeful presence.

Each delivers an unrivaled balance of outstanding ride, handling, refinement, and luxury together with a focused range of powerful, efficient, and electrified powertrains.

Following the introduction last year of the XE R-Dynamic Black, the XF’s Black Pack has been enhanced, with the Gloss Black finish applied to the door mirror caps and side sills in addition to the grille, grille surround, side window surrounds, fender vents, rear badges, and – on the Sportbrake – the roof rails. There’s also privacy glass and a panoramic roof – features that are now standard on the XE R-Dynamic Black too. Complementing these elements are 19-inch wheels with a Gloss Black finish – ‘Style 5031’ for XE and ‘Style 5106’ for XF – together with red brake calipers.

Jag XE 22MY 01 R-Dynamic Black Front 3-4 250821

The XE R-Dynamic Black is offered in a select choice of metallic finishes – Firenze Red, Bluefire, Eiger Grey, Santorini Black, or new Ostuni White, with the XF R-Dynamic Black models available in the full range of colors.

The luxurious interiors are enriched with beautifully crafted veneers, with Gloss Grey Figured Ebony for XE, and Satin Charcoal Ash for XF. Bright metal pedals add a further finishing touch. The sense of serenity and refinement within XF is heightened still further by the enhanced Premium Cabin Lighting feature, which offers a choice of 30 colors in place of the previous 10.

The fast, intuitive and responsive Pivi Pro infotainment system is now better than ever too. In both XE and XF, it already has a range of embedded apps, including Spotify, and Apple CarPlay® as standard. Android Auto™ is standard too.

Jag XE 22MY 03 Light Oyster Interior 250821

Soon, wireless Apple CarPlay® will become available to customers in a software-over-the-air (SOTA) update*, to make smartphone connectivity even simpler and more convenient. Wireless Android Auto™ will also become available at the same time*. XE and XF’s SOTA capability enables Pivi Pro and vehicle systems to be updated remotely and seamlessly. This means they always have the latest software without the customer having to visit their Retailer – and Pivi Pro’s dual-SIM technology means you can stream music at the same time.

Pivi Pro can also connect two phones simultaneously via Bluetooth, and the optional wireless device charging pad has a signal booster to improve network reception. The system also provides clearer calls with the help of the vehicle’s external aerial.

Jag XE 22MY 04 Ebony Interior 250821

On the road, the XE and XF continue to set the benchmark with their ideal balance of agility, handling, and ride quality. The engaging, rewarding drive they deliver is second to none and is matched to inherently low levels of cabin noise, which are further reduced on XF using Active Road Noise Cancellation technology. This is especially effective in canceling out low-frequency sounds, helping to reduce driver fatigue on long journeys.

With a focus on air quality, occupant comfort and wellbeing are prioritized: both XE and XF offer cabin air ionization systems with PM2.5 filtration to capture ultrafine airborne particles and allergens.

The R-Dynamic Black models, like all XE and XF models, are powered by refined and efficient 2.0-litre four-cylinder Ingenium petrol and diesel engines, the latter electrified with a 48-volt mild-hybrid (MHEV) system. All engines are matched exclusively to smooth-shifting eight-speed automatic transmissions and are available with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics.

Jag XF Sportbrake 22MY 04 R-Dynamic Black Rear 3-4 250821

The full global powertrain range for XE and XF (market-dependant) comprises:


  • 250PS 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo rear-wheel drive automatic
  • 300PS 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo all-wheel drive automatic


  • 204PS MHEV 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo rear-wheel drive automatic
  • 204PS MHEV 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo all-wheel drive automatic

The 204PS diesel engine develops an impressive 430Nm of torque, and its refinement and responsiveness are enhanced with the MHEV system. The Belt integrated Starter Generator (BiSG) recuperates energy usually lost during braking or deceleration by storing it in a compact 48-volt lithium-ion battery: this energy is redeployed to assist the engine when accelerating away. It also makes the stop-start function quieter and faster than conventional systems.

This engine is the most efficient in the XE and XF model ranges and enables the rear-wheel-drive XE to deliver fuel economy of up to 58.9mpg (4.8l/100km)** and CO2 emissions from only 127g/km**. In the rear-wheel-drive XF Saloon, it delivers corresponding figures of 57.6.mpg (4.9l/100km)** and 130g/km**.

Jag XF 22MY 03 R-Dynamic Black Rear 3-4 250821

The smooth, powerful petrol engines are offered in two ratings: 250PS and 365Nm torque, and 300PS and 400Nm torque. The 300PS unit is available exclusively with all-wheel drive, delivering outstanding performance and traction in all conditions. This enables the XE to accelerate from 0-60mph in only 5.6s (0-100km/h in 5.9s), and the XF Saloon 5.8s and 6.1s respectively. Maximum speed for both is 155mph (250km/h).

UK Pricing – Jaguar XE:

PowertrainDerivativeOTR CO2 g/km*
D200 – 2.0 I4 Diesel MHEV 204PS AUTO RWDD200 S£30,210128
D200 R-Dynamic S£31,165128
D200 R-Dynamic SE£32,815128
D200 R-Dynamic HSE£35,705136
D200 R-Dynamic Black£33,470138
P300 – 2.0 I4 Petrol 300PS AUTO AWDP300 R-Dynamic HSE£40,180206

UK Pricing – Jaguar XF:

PowertrainDerivativeOTR CO2 g/km
D200 – 2.0 I4d MHEV 204PS AUTO RWDD200 RWD R-Dynamic S Saloon£33,975131
D200 RWD R-Dynamic SE Saloon£36,735137
D200 RWD R-Dynamic HSE Saloon£39,650140
D200 RWD R-Dynamic Black Saloon£37,535138
D200 – 2.0 I4d MHEV 204PS AUTO AWDD200 AWD R-Dynamic S Saloon£35,620144
D200 AWD R-Dynamic SE Saloon£38,210149
D200 AWD R-Dynamic HSE Saloon£41,405151
P250 – 2.0 I4 250PS AUTO RWDP250 RWD R-Dynamic SE Saloon£37,860190
P250 RWD R-Dynamic HSE Saloon£41,225193
P300 – 2.0 I4 300PS AUTO AWDP300 AWD R-Dynamic HSE Saloon£44,800204
PowertrainDerivativeOTR CO2 g/km 
D200 – 2.0 I4d MHEV 204PS AUTO RWD    
D200 RWD R-Dynamic SE Sportbrake£38,590144 
D200 RWD R-Dynamic HSE Sportbrake£41,500146 
D200 RWD R-Dynamic Black Sportbrake£39,395145 
D200 – 2.0 I4d MHEV 204PS AUTO AWDD200 AWD R-Dynamic HSE Sportbrake£43,255157 
P250 – 2.0 I4 250PS AUTO RWDP250 RWD R-Dynamic S Sportbrake£37,190189 
P250 RWD R-Dynamic SE Sportbrake£40,165197 
P250 RWD R-Dynamic HSE Sportbrake£43,075199 
P300 – 2.0 I4 300PS AUTO AWDP300 AWD R-Dynamic HSE Sportbrake£46,650213 

* Wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ is intended to be released as part of a wireless software update on all Jaguar saloon and SUV models expected later this year, at which point the features will also be available via a SOTA update for all Pivi and Pivi Pro equipped XE and XF models. Software development and releases are subject to movements in planning and programming, and dates may be subject to change.

** All emissions and fuel economy figures are EU – WLTP (TEL) Combined. The figures provided are a result of official manufacturer’s tests in accordance with EU legislation. For comparison purposes only. Real-world figures may differ. CO2 and fuel economy figures may vary according to factors such as driving styles, environmental conditions, load, wheel fitment, and accessories fitted.

Note: Press release courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover.


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