Fold Yourself a New Car

With all this talk of the Geneva Motor Show and all the focus on nice new shiny, not to mention expensive, cars, some of us may be feeling a little left out. What if you can’t afford to get on the waiting list for one of the new Morgans? Or what if you desire the Bentley EXP 10 Speed Six but just live a few too many miles away from the dealership to make those regularly scheduled oil changes convenient. Well then, do we have a solution for you.

Folding Cars 01

Not only will our proposed solution net you a car you can afford, but it is recyclable and can even be made from recycled materials itself. Of course, there is the problem of there being no engine and no way to actually use the car for any practical purpose, but at least we have two different versions.

All joking aside, these are fun little paper cut-outs to make either an MG 1100 or Morris Mini. Why these two? Well, they are cars I could find some templates for and also because I particularly fond of the BMC front wheel drive cars.

Folding Cars 02

So have a shot, make a car or two, and send a picture of your final product. It would fun to have a gallery of your automotive creations next to your real car or visiting a local car show.