1933 MG F1 Magna Salonette Collectible Model by NEO

NEO, a maker of high-quality 43rd scale models produces an extensive range of car models from foreign manufacturers as well as US car makers. They have added another MG to their range which previously included the MGTD and Arnolt MG coupe. Their latest is a 1933 MG F1 Magna Salonette a small four passenger two door closed car. There were MG Magna roadsters produced as well but no scale models as of yet. These Magnas made use of a small 1271cc overhead cam engine which William Morris had acquired after he purchased Wolseley and added it to the Nuffield group.

1933 MG F1 Magna RH side 3M

The engine was unique in that the cam was driven by a vertical shaft with bevel gears at the front of the engine and it was quite small with each cylinder only 211cc. In common English fashion, this was a long stroke engine with a bore of 57 millimeters and a stroke of 83 millimeters. Thus the bore was miniature 2.24 inches! This little six banger put out 37.2 BHP at 4100 RPM and was fed by two SU carburetors which were the likely choice since the Nuffield group owned SU as well.

The suspension was by half elliptic springs on both ends and tires were tall 4.00 x 19 inch. This green and cream model appears to be a replica of one seen at Classic Remise, Dusseldorf, Germany in March of 2013. Although produced in China, NEO is a German based company so they likely used this car as the model’s prototype of which there are images on the internet.

1933 MG F1 Magna front #2 3M

The replica measures 3.06 inches long, comes with dual wing-mounted body colored spare wire wheels and tires. It appears to be fitted with Lucas wing mounted side lights and tail lamps which survived for use on British cars and MGs until the 1955 MGTF. The roof is a sliding type but even if it was not open there was plenty of interior light provided by four “church window” style glass panels. The grill shell was one of the earliest examples of what became an iconic MG feature that was used in various forms to the last of the T series MGs in the mid-50s.

1933 MG F1 Magna Nottingham #2Traffic must have been light, and drivers exercised great caution, as there were no bumpers fitted The design included cycle type front wings and louvered side bonnet panels gave additional engine cooling. Two front bucket seats and a bench seat in the rear gave somewhat tight accommodation for four passengers but unlike many cars of the era, and many MGs, the enclosed car gave all weather protection assisted by two tiny photo-etched screen wipers and cross-linkage.

The range of 43rd scale MG models continues with NEO’s resin items and many diecasts and white metal items over the past decades, so if you can’t put one of every 1:1 scale MG in your infinite garage there are these easily parkable replicas to display in a nice glass case in the house and the significant other will likely not object since it is not another “real” car in the driveway or back yard along with its assemblage of accumulated spare parts!

John F. Quilter
John F. Quilter is a long time British car fan and former employee of British Leyland in North America. He has a collection of over 2000 British car models, and that collection continues to grow. Originally from California, John now makes his own in Eugene, Oregon. Click here to see more about John and his cars.