VotW – Exeter 2007 Wooston Steep

Our video this week is one that I know almost nothing about – the Exeter Trials in 2007 at Wooston Steep. Although I really don’t know much about this event, and I am hoping that one of our readers can fill me in, watching the cars make their way through the muddy course is just too much fun. There are a wide range of cars represented, from an old classic Singer 9 Sports up through an Escort, Anglia, and TR7.

According to the video’s publisher, Classical Gas Stuff, the cars featured are …

  1. Phil Watmough (Singer 9 Sports)
  2. Greg Warren (Anglia Estate)
  3. XXXX XXXX (Red Class 1 Car)
  4. David Child (Ford Pop)
  5. XXXX XXXX (Red Marlin)
  6. Alan Cundy (VW Golf)
  7. Giles Greenslade (VW Beetle)
  8. XXXX XXXX (Reliant SS1)
  9. Keith Roach (HRG)
  10. XXXX XXXX (Red Marlin)
  11. Ray Goodright (Arkley)
  12. Stuart Roach (HRG)
  13. Mike Warnes (Triumph TR7)
  14. Sticker Martin (Escort)
  15. Andrew Martin (Dutton Melos)
  16. XXXX XXXX (Red Escort)
  17. XXXX XXXX (Blue Marlin)

And if you like watching classic cars being put through their paces, check out some of the others videos on Classical Gas Stuff’s YouTube page.

Michael Carnell
Editor at Just British

Michael Carnell is the editor and founder of the Just British Online Motoring Magazine. As a lifelong British car enthusiast, he has owned or driven British cars of all ages from Austins and MGs to Jaguars and Triumphs. He currently owns a 1966 Vanden Plas Princess 1100 and a 1977 MGB. But there is always room for more - no matter what his wife says.