Ferrari Loses Testarossa Trademark
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Ferrari Loses Testarossa Trademark in Germany

Not a British car story, but perhaps some fair warning to the long dormant British marques out there. In what most car guys would consider staggering news, Ferrari has lost the trademark to the well known Testarossa name. At least in Germany. Whether this hold beyond those borders has yet to be seen. As Promarketing magazine describes in their article: When we hear “Testarossa” we immediately think of Ferrari. And we’re not exactly car buffs, so we would imagine that others do the same. Well, regardless of how common that word association is, a German court ruled that Ferrari has to relinquish its right to the name due to a lack of ongoing use. Remember what we said yesterday about needing to use a trademark in order to hold onto it? This is what happens when a trademark holder doesn’t use it […]