SU Carburetor Diagram

The Cellist Is Dead, Or, Your Car Is A Symphony

I’m sorry if this comes off as somewhat of a rant, but that’s because it is…. The act of diagnosing a running problem is not always simple; in fact, like a symphony it is most often NOT simple, and that very statement, “I’m sure it’s something simple,” made so many times by owners only serves to anger any mechanic. This statement belittles us and, if you must know, makes us more than a little upset! Imagine having someone tell you your job is simple! It’s like saying, “I could do this myself but I am taking pity on a wretch like you and will throw you a few sheckles from my lofty position, where I cannot be bothered with this trivial thing that is down at your level”… I am careful never to say this to anyone, not the computer […]