Shedding Some Light On Sunvisors

Shedding Some Light on Sun Visors

Another video of me messing with parts of my Triumph Spitfire – in this case a sun visor. I figured this might be of use to someone, so I shot it before I got down to work. Please pay no attention to the cat, Churchill. He just can’t stand something going on that he doesn’t know about. Anyway, in this short video I dissect a sun visor, a much-abused sun visor, from a 1978 Triumph Spitfire to give you some idea how they are made, what goes wrong, and how they can be repaired. Although this is the visor from a Spitfire, the same basic construction holds true for most British cars of the period such as MGBs, MG Midgets, TR6s, etc. Oh, and the gentleman I make reference to in the video who makes the Plexiglas visors is Andrian Page. […]