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This in from the MG Owners’ Club … Ever since SAIC acquired the MG brand when they took over Nanjing Automobile Company (NAC) in 2007 and the reintroduced TF became a sales flop, (for various reasons not the cars fault), SAIC senior management has been at pains to dismiss any talk of a new two-seat MG sports car, although senior management at SAIC’s SMTC in the UK saying that at some stage in the future they would like the opportunity to design a new MG sports car.

VotW - Sports Car of the Year 1955-56
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VotW – MGA: Sports Car of the Year 1955-56

For our video of the week this time, we have an MG factory publicity video that comes to us via Pathé.  This film, Sports Car of the Year 1955-56, focuses on the newly introduced MGA. Starting with competition films from Le Mans, the Alpine Rally, and the Mille Miglia. The MGA, as most readers know, replaced the MG TF 1500 and represented a complete styling break from MG’s earlier sports cars – that styling having been developed for racing and records cars. Announced on September 26, 1955, the car was officially launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show. A total of 101,081 units were sold through the end of production in July 1962, the vast majority of which were exported. Only 5869 cars were sold on the home market, the lowest percentage of any British car. While now what one would call “impartial”, […]

VotW - Magnificent Machines - The Golden Age of the British Sports Car

VotW – The Golden Age of the British Sports Car

Our video this week is titled “Magnificent Machines – The Golden Age of the British Sports Car”. I thought it was time to get a little less marque specific and a little more all-inclusive this week. You know, broaden our horizons a bit, just like going to shows does. When I got to car shows, I often find myself marveling at some creation that either I didn’t know existed or would not have believed myself to be at all interested in. This documentary was broadcast by the BBC in 2012 as part of the “Timeshift” series. It takes a look back at the golden age of British Sports Cars using both in period and modern footage to emphasize the craze around the Jaguars, Austin-Healys, MGs and Triumph’s of the early days. This was the golden age of the British sports […]

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Atlanta Historic Races Feature Brits

The Altanta Historic Races this year are to feature the marques of Great Britain. The races, which will be held August 2oth through the 23rd, are put on by Historic Sportscar Racing, HSR. There will also be vintage motorcycle racing, B.O.S.S. formula cars, historic stock cars, a Porsche challenge and much more.  These sessions are held at the beautiful Road Atlanta track in the foothills of the north Georgia Mountains.  I will be there and hope to see you there too. Additionally, another HSR event will be held in South Carolina in September. The Carolina Historic Races will feature Historic Stock Car, Historic GTP/WSC, B.O.S.S. Series, Jo Bonnier 2 Litre Challenge, Klub Sport Porsche Challenge, ROLEX Endurance Challenge Series Races and Feature Races. This event will be at the Carolina MotorSports Park in Kershaw, SC, September 24th through the 27th. […]

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The Green Morgan

We have covered it before, but I just can’t get enough of this “Green” Morgan. But there is another article on Morgan’s unveiling of the world’s first pollution-free sports car at the Geneva Motor Show. This car is simply gorgeous. For the full article, see The Daily Mail. What do you think of the styling? Would you buy one? How does it fit in with the other Morgans?

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Autoweek Reviews the Lotus Exige

When you were a kid and you got a radio-controlled car, didn’t you imagine how cool it would be to be the size of GI Joe and able to climb inside and drive it? That feeling is what the new crop of Lotus sports cars is like. It’s just as cool as you imagined it would be, and it’s a good way for GI Joe to meet Barbie, too. We recently got to climb inside and drive the new 2008 Lotus Exige S 240 and the fabulous new 2-Eleven track car, which would make GI Joe leave Barbie far behind, pouting and wanting to drive it. It seemed only a few years ago that Lotus was about to drive off the edge of the map in the U.S. market, but the company now offers seven models to American customers. All […]