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Fastest Is British – Acabion Reaches 300MPH

The Acabion GTBO reaches 300mph in just thirty seconds, say its designers. The “road streamliner” is capable of 340mph and can do 0 – 300mph in just thirty seconds Based on the cockpit of a jet fighter and using aerodynamic techniques used in aerospace design, the GTBO is a full 90mph quicker than its nearest rival, the Bugatti Veyron, which takes 55 seconds to reach its 250mph top speed. Two-wheeled, but with twin stabilizing wheels at the back for low-speed maneuvering – not unlike those used on children’s bicycles – the GTBO packs an astonishing 800 brake horsepower in its 1,300cc turbo-charged engine. However, it weighs just 700lb, half the weight of the original Mini. The engine and power train are designed in Britain by engineers from the race and dragster community. An electric version, itself capable of 300mph, is […]