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Sad Demise of Spitfire & GT6 Magazine

Unfortunately, it looks like another magazine dedicated to our corner of the automotive hobby is biting the dust. In this case, it is Spitfire & GT6 Magazine which is/was a US based quarterly magazine of high quality devoted to the Triumph Spitfire, GT6, Herald, Vitesse and “small Triumph” crowd. In an open forum posting to the Triumph Experience message boards today, editor Shawn Frank said the following: I wish I had better news about Spitfire & GT6 Magazine but I regret to inform you that the magazine will no longer be in publication. I had sent Issue #49 to print September 2015 and have still not seen it in print. The Publisher (Magazinepublisher.com) has decided not to continue with the magazine and in fact has not communicated any future plans or lack thereof with me, the print house, advertisers, or […]