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Jaguar Preforms Critical Parachute Deployment Test for Bloodhound

Jaguar and the world land speed record holder RAF Wing Commander Andy Green performed vital high-speed parachute tests on Friday, June 12, as part of the company’s on-going Bloodhound SSC technical support for this unique engineering adventure: creating a car that can cover a mile in just 3.6 seconds. The jet and rocket powered car, which aims to surpass the current record of 763.035mph before targeting 1000mph, has multiple braking systems including air-brakes (‘doors’ mounted on the side of the car which open to increase aerodynamic drag) and disc brakes (used when slowing down from 200mph). In addition, the driver has two back-up parachutes to ensure that the 135,000thp (thrust horse power) vehicle will slow down before the end of its 12-mile track in Hakskeen Pan, South Africa. Stopping, quickly and controllably, is as important to setting a record as […]