MGs racing at Hallett on track, Oklahoma, 2006

MG Vintage Racers Newsletter Celebrating 35th Anniversary

The MG Vintage Racers Newsletter is celebrating its 35th anniversary this December 2016. It has been around longer than many vintage racing organizations! The newsletter was founded in December 1981 by MGTD racer Greg Prehodka, with 40 MG vintage racers, as a way for them to stay in touch with each other and to share information. Today its ranks include over 250 MG racers in North America. It is a grassroots newsletter, sans advertising, just for MG racers. It was awarded Moss Motors “Journalism Award” in 1995. In July of this year, MGVR celebrated its 35th anniversary at the Waterford Hills Historic Races in Michigan, where MGVR also celebrated its 20th anniversary “Focus Event”.