British Auto Legends - Classics of Style and Design
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British Auto Legends: Classics of Style and Design – Review

British Auto Legends: Classics of Style and Design is purely and simply a gorgeous book. Sure, it is a coffee table book, but my god, it is such a beautiful coffee table book! This single work gives our lowly coffee table a reason to exist. This superbly illustrated book brings together more than fifty of the most significant British cars designed between the early twentieth century and the present. At well over 270 pages, there are over 50 of Britains most beautiful and significant cars covered. From the 1907 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost all the way up to Jaguars’s 1998 XK180, there are a good number of high-end cars featured that are not only beyond normal grasp but may never be seen in person. There are, however, a good number of more mainstream beauties displayed. These include cars regularly seen at shows and even […]