Retromobile 2011 - Morgan V6 Roadster

New Morgan to the US – View from One Dealer

This piece was sent to us by our friend Christopher Silvestri who runs Christopher John, LTD down in Florida. They are the U.S.’s newest Morgan dealer, and like us, have high hopes for the reintroduction of new 4-wheeled Morgan cars to our shores.  With the Passing of  the new replica law, the Morgan V6 Roadster’s return to the U.S. is on the not too distant horizon! And this Daytona area Morgan dealer is ready. While it has been hard for the Morgan Car Company to bring four wheel cars into the U.S. due to stringent emissions and safety laws in recent years, a new law passed in December of 2015 is allowing Morgan dealers to begin gearing up for  new four-wheeled Morgan cars later this year. The classic Morgan range fits into the “replica” area of the law with brand new […]