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New Mini Cooper eBook

Britain’s mighty atom, the original Mini Cooper, has a huge reputation out of all proportion to its size. The Mini was created by the fertile mind of Alec Issigonis and modified by John Cooper to become known as the Mini Cooper in 1961. Giant killing in motorsport, particularly in the Monte Carlo Rally, built the enduring Mini Cooper legend. Original production ended in the early 1970s but  was resumed in the early 1990s. 1994 once again saw Paddy Hopkirk campaigning a Mini Cooper in the Monte! Mini Cooper: The Real Thing! by Johnny Tipler ISBN: 9781845847524 Print equivalent ISBN: 9781874105227 EBOOK AVAILABLE NOW! $23.99 / £18.99 – prices may vary between vendors Features … The story of Britain’s mighty atom the original Mini Cooper Production history & evolution Building the Cooper Profiles of Sir Alec Issigonis and Paddy Hopkirk Details […]

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VotW – History of the Mini

There is no way to talk about British cars without talking about the Mini, and who would want to? For our Video of the Week this time we turn to a History of the Mini from the “Great Cars” series. The short film covers the history of Sir Alec Issigonis’s design from beginning to end and even goes so far as to venture into new MINI territory. This is a wonderful video in that it not only captures the mood of the 1950s in which the Mini was developed, but also the 1960s when the diminutive car came into its own. The video continues to follow the development, or lack thereof, all the way through the 70s and 80s up to the very end. You can see how the Mini affected everything from racing to culture to fashion and was in […]

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MINI Cooper To The Max

Nice article in the LA Times on the new MINI Cooper Clubman. The article starts of by saying, “It’s my considered opinion that the BMW Mini Cooper is the most successful car design of the last 20 years. What can touch it? Here’s a car that puts a spearmint thrill through you every time you turn the key, a larking, capering, glass-and-steel nymph that nicks past other traffic like it’s mired in molasses. On top of the giddy charge of merely wheeling the thing, you’ve got this utterly charismatic styling, a po-mo masterpiece, a rolling tribute to the iconic Mini (1959 to 2000) designed by Alec Issigonis and built by the British Motor Corp. That’s Sir Alec to you, you peon.” For the rest of the story, got to the LA Times.