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Land Rover Celebrates 70th Anniversary with All-Terrain Adventure Trek

Land Rover took its 70th-anniversary celebrations to new heights by visiting a remote rural community in West Bengal that relies on a fleet of classic models for its very survival. Known as the ‘Land of Land Rovers’, the rural location in deep in the Himalayas is reliant on a fleet of meticulously maintained Series Land Rovers dating back as far as 1957.

Meet and greet group shot - MG Car Club Set for Indian Expansion

MG Car Club Set for Expansion in India

The MG Car Club has taken large steps towards creating a new car club culture for India following a very successful week in Delhi as guests of MG Motor India. Just as with its UK equivalent, MG Motor India is a subsidiary of the Chinese-based SAIC Motor Corporation. Its cars will be assembled at its new Halol-based facility in the Indian state of Gujarat, with the first model due for a 2019 launch. However, the team in India has already spent more than a year exploring the brand’s iconic past, with the MG Car Club – SAIC’s world heritage partner – playing a vital role in the process.

Corporate Business

MG Completes Acquisition of GM’s Halol Plant

It was already known that MG Motor India, the completely owned subsidiary of SAIC Motor Corp, will be beginning its operations in the country in 2019. In line with its plan, the company recently completed the acquisition of GM’s Halol plant. The first product that will roll out from the MG’s Halol plant will be launched in the Indian market in 2019. This will be followed by the launch of the next product in the following year.

SAIC Building Second Plant to Handle MG Builds of Thailand
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SAIC to Begin Selling MGs in India by 2019

Chinese auto maker SAIC Motor Corporation will enter the India market with its once British MG brand for which it plans to have its fully-owned car manufacturing plant in the country. The company expects to commence operations in the country by 2019 and is in the process of finalizing its manufacturing facility, SAIC Motor Corporation said in a statement. Besides, the company said, it is firming up product strategy for the market here, details of which will be announced later.

India plan: Aston Martin to launch one super luxury car every year
Aston Martin

Aston Martin India Plan – New Model Every Year

British luxury sports car maker Aston Martin plans to introduce one new super luxury car every year in the Indian market. While the company is now marketing the DB11, a new variant of Vantage model will also come soon.

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Land Rovers Start Rolling Out of India

Land Rovers began rolling off the assembly line Friday at the British brand’s first plant in India since it was bought by the Indian car giant Tata Motors. Parts are still being manufactured at Jaguar Land Rover’s plant in Liverpool, England, but Land Rover Freelander 2 SUV’s are now being built in the western Indian city of Pune. India offers Jaguar great opportunities to build cars for less, Carl-Peter Forster, chief executive officer and managing director of Tata Motors, told reporters. “Clearly, India can be a very attractive sourcing base, an opportunity to source increasingly high quality but lower cost components not only for India operations but for overseas operations,” he said. Forster has already indicated that Indian engineering will also play a role in the design of Jaguar Land Rover engines. Tata bought Jaguar from Ford in 2008 for […]

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Jaguar Sold

Car giant Ford has sold its luxury UK-based car brands Jaguar and Land Rover to Indian company Tata. Tata, India’s biggest vehicle maker, is paying $2.3bn for the British brands after months of negotiations over price and supply relationships. The irony of one time colonies buying and selling the automotive crown jewels Britain has not gone un-noticed. The negotiations started last June when Ford announced its intention to sell the companies as a package. Jaguar and Land Rover employ about 16,000 staff at UK plants in the West Midlands and Merseyside. Although Land Rover remains profitable, Ford has never managed to make money from its investment in Jaguar. Ford has been forced to sell the two companies in order to concentrate on its loss-making core US car business, which it hopes to turn around in the next two years. It […]

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Tatas take a look at Jaguar’s new models

According to a media report, the British luxury car maker Jaguar has shown its new models and the planned product cycle to its probable new parent company, Tata Motors. Tata Motors was named earlier this month as the preferred bidder by the US car giant Ford for the sale of its two British luxury brands, Jaguar and Land Rover, after evaluating interests by two other suitors — India’s Mahindra and Mahindra and private equity firm OneEquity. “We have shown Tata our new model lines and the planned product cycle,” Ian Callum, director (design), Ford Motor Company, who is responsible for the Jaguar’s new XF and XK model ranges, told Financial Times. The Tata group company is currently holding advanced-level talks for buying Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford and a final decision is expected to be announced by the end […]