Earls Court Motorshow 1962

VotW – Earls Court Motor Show 1962

Earl’s Court Motor Show of 1962, that is the subject of our Video of the Week this time. 1962 was a good year. Not only was it the introduction of the Triumph Spitfire and Mk I Ford Cortina, but it is the year before I was born. (Figure that one out on your own.) Looking at this video there are some great machines. Not only will you see the aforementioned Spitfire and Cortina, but you will also catch glimpses of the BMC Mini, Austin Cambridge, Morris Oxford, Morris 1100, MG 1100, Mini Cooper, Riley Elf, Hillman Super Minx, Jenson, Rover 3.0L, Ford Zephyr, Jaguar E-Type, Lotus Elan, and Bentley Continental.  Can you imagine a British car show with such a varied lineup these days? Wouldn’t it be wonderful? Oh, and have some have mentioned, please try to ignore the sexist […]

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Aston Martin

Lighting Car – Is It Just Flash?

It scorches from 0-60mph in less than four seconds, its batteries can be charged in ten minutes and you can imagine James Bond sitting behind the wheel. But will the über-stylish electric Lightning car ever make money? Earlier this year, entrepreneur Iain Sanderson unveiled the Lightning Car at the British International Motor Show. The 48-year-old Sanderson is a marketer, not a motorhead. He made his bucks through marketing agency Dynamo, which he set up in 1990 and sold a decade later for £20m. Rather than opting for retirement, Sanderson set up London-based Contact Group, which has six different marketing agencies under its wing and pulls in sales of £12m. So what on earth made this millionaire marketing guru develop a battery-powered sports car? Two years ago, Sanderson bumped into his old friend Arthur Wolstenholme, long-time maker of the Ronart series […]