British by the Sea 2014: Car Gathering at Harkness Memorial State Park, Connecticut Aerial Video

VotW – British by the Sea Car Show 2014

Our video this week is one I thought I had shown you all before, but I guess not. This video is drone footage of the 2014 British by the Sea car show, held annually in Connecticut. The 2014 show was the 27th annual gathering and saw over 400 amazing British cars, from classic to modern, small roadsters to large off-roads, daily drivers to treasured show cars. This gathering was organized by Connecticut MG Club. The video was captured with gimbal-stabilized GoPro Hero3 on DJI F550 Hexacopter.

Jaguar XJ vs Drone in Cat and Mouse

Cat and Mouse of Jaguar XK vs Drone

A Jaguar XJ driven by leading movie stunt driver Mark Higgins took on one of the world’s best drone pilots in a unique ‘cat-and-mouse’ challenge that showcased how future technology could influence car chase filming.  With one eye on a future potential movie stunt sequence, Higgins and drone pilot and racer JaeHong Li used the challenge to highlight how technology is developing in both the automotive and unmanned aircraft sectors. The development of advanced driver assistance systems with radar sensors and on board cameras is closely aligned to the development of technology in drones, which are now being used for everything from racing to autonomous parcel delivery. “Drones are becoming increasingly integrated into society and they can do some amazing things these days,” said Higgins, who is also a champion rally driver. “So when Jaguar offered up the XJ and […]